Why do organizations like NASA, Nikon and Canon purchase our products?
LensPen is SAFE and LensPen WORKS!

Years ago many people cleaned mirrors or window panes with newspaper… Why did this work so well? Newspaper is covered with printing ink Printing ink is made with a carbon compound Carbon molecules have a unique ability to absorb huge amounts of oils and contaminants

SAFE Use on all optical lenses, LCD, plasma and glass surfaces
EFFECTIVE Nothing removes oily fingerprints and dust better than a LensPen!
CONVENIENT Compact size, no liquids, easy to use!
CUSTOM DESIGN Unique design, colors, and shapes for different applications!
LONG LIFE Cannot dry out, unaffected by temperature, over 500 cleanings each!

iPad & Tablet Cleaner

The best way to clean fingerprints from iPads, tablets and other touch screens!

Cleans fingerprints easily using the patented LensPen cleaning compound.

Eliminates the need to carry around messy liquids and dirty cloths.
Replaceable cleaning pad - 150 cleanings per pad

This package includes an additional replacement cleaning pad!



Hurrican Blower

  • Perfect for cleaning dust off lenses, filters, CCD sensors and SLR mirrors.
  • Powerful blasts of air clean safely.
  • High quality non-toxic rubber bulb.
  • Resistant to high and low temperatures and tear proof.
  • Double-valve design prevents breathing in dust and refills quickly.


Deluxe Microfibre Suede Cleaning Cloth for cleaning the housings of digital cameras, photo equipment, camcorders, cellular/PCS phones, televisions, stereo equipment, CD's, CD-ROMs, DVDs, computers, photocopiers, jewelry, musical instruments, glassware, crystal and much more.

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