Stuart Church

Specializing in street portraiture Stuart has been inspired by history and an interest in people and their lives, His early works found him documenting our streets characters at work or at play. Quite simply recording life observations.

Stuarts later works took him round the country capturing quite spectacular portraits of people acting out their alter egos. Morris dancers, Body painters, Steam Punk and Goth are areas that provide rich, colourful striking imagery and Stuarts certainly has the knack of holding his subjects attention , leaving the viewer with a brief glimpse of what may be their other self. 


The works of 1930s German portrait and documentary photographer , August Sander have proved an inspiration in Stuarts work and this is evident in his photographs.

The equipment is kept minimal choosing the use of a digital SLR and a simple selection of lenses at hand 70-200 and a 24-105. Preferring natural light to provide the lighting, shying away from flash. A fast lens (F2.8) helps Stuart gain a shallow depth of field leaving his subject the main point of focus. This is essential when photographing out of a studio environment as it helps soften background distractions.

When photographing people Stuart says “the best way that I have found is to ask them. If they have gone to the trouble to go somewhere and dress up, then it is likely that they want to be noticed and would appreciate their photo being taken. You can always offer them a copy of the picture. I have had very few refusals”. He went on to say “I want to make eye contact with the subject, if they are moving around this can be very difficult, hence the low level of keepers”

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