Alison Ashton

Photography has become a bit of an obsession........

Ordinary objects now look special, and the “special” presents a rather daunting challenge; how can I ever hope to capture the mood, as well as the scene, and how can I get the camera to best show what the scene means to me?
Until I retired in April 2011, I’d been a happy holiday snapper with a bridge camera set to fully auto. Now I’m probably more of a curious clicker; exploring the world the camera sees and seeing what I can make of it. I have it all to learn.

The Canon 550D with an 18-135mm lens, was a good choice to start me off in creative photography. I wasn’t sure which direction my photography would take me, so I needed a pretty good all purpose lens which would allow me to experiment with close up “table top” shots as well as going for some landscape images and one or two tentative action shots!

I do also have a 50mm fixed lens, which I think will teach me a lot about the art of taking photos.

When I’m out with the camera, I like to look for the narrative in a scene; is there another way of looking at what’s going on and do the parts of the picture relate to one another? Sometimes it’s simply the abstract nature of a scene that looks so appealing and demands to be photographed.
I love that moment when as you pan around a view, suddenly the composition comes together through the eyepiece and you get that “Oooh, there it is!” moment. It seems to happen only through the lens, as if the camera and I are working together to find the shot!
After two years, I now need to push on into new areas and to develop my skills. Perhaps I’ll try different techniques to capture motion, to add more dynamism to my images, so I’ll need to think about neutral density filters and a robust tripod. My lightweight starter tripod is fine for tabletop shots, but will be too unstable to take me into the realms of outdoor long exposure work.

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Alison has shared with us some quite interesting work and if you take a moment to follow her link above you will see she has quite an eye for a photo. Alison informs us that she only recently took up photography and has manged to develop her skills from taking short courses in spacifiic areas of photography she wanted to develop. Online galleries have proved inspirational as well as joining the Chesterfield Photographic Society who she said has been a great help in her development.

Photography courses at the moment are being run all over the country, we understand that Alfeton has a photographic course that covers basic camera control and image editing.The City and Guilds course is held at Alfreton Adult and Comunity Education Center. Further information can be obtained from the center Tel: 01773 832201

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