I am a landscape photographer based in North Nottinghamshire after recently moving from Derbyshire where I lived for the past 20 years or so. My specialism is ‘elements of landscape’, especially trees. I love the story their many forms tell and try to convey this in my work.

I don’t really do many ‘wider’ landscape shots. There are so many really excellent photographers who do this brilliantly that I thought I would concentrate on my passion and some would say strength in photography... getting that bit closer.

I have been a professional photographer for a few years now, although the difference between professional and skilled amateur often makes this a very artificial division!

My main inspiration has come from classic portrait photographers such as Imogen Cunningham rather than landscape photographers. The ability to tell an inspiring, compelling story in a photograph is more important than a particular genre.

I consider my work to be portraits of nature. Strangely enough, most of my work is in portrait orientation too. This works so well when capturing height.

I came from a conservation background and this taught me to see rather than just look! All my photographs are taken in fairly ordinary places. I avoid the honey pot sites in favour of small pockets of well loved woodland, country tracks and the like. In order to do something different I am constantly trying to find the small scale and beautiful things in special moments of lighting


It is not just about going out in the golden hour. When photographing inside dense woodland, bright sunshine is the only way you can get enough light. Tripods and HDR are only useful on a very still day!

I mainly use a mid range Sony DSLR and a 10 – 20 mm Sigma lens. These have served me well and I have pushed the camera right to the limits of what it can do. For the money Sony punches above its weight and I cannot afford top spec Canon or Nikon so am happy with what I’ve got. Many photographers end up on a treadmill of constantly buying expensive kit. This is fine but I’ll upgrade when I’ve used what I’ve got to death!

My photographs are only lightly edited with minor adjustments for printing. Photoshop is an amazing programme but is overused very often. It is a bit like adding salt to food, a little brings out the flavour but too much and that’s all you can taste.

The only advice I can give to aspiring photographers is as follows:

Learn to see rather than look. Get to grips with compositional rules so you can break them and above all else enjoy what you do!

Photography can be a cold and intellectual art or something vibrant and beautiful, a strange and exciting mix of planned and random where you never stop learning!



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